IS-Elec-1B – Birthday Card Activity

The second meeting for our elective class was held last Thursday (8/20/15). We originally were scheduled to take our first quiz that day but it was postponed due to some reason.  So hooray for that reason! And another hooray for the birthday card activity that I enjoyed very much.  It was conducted to give us an idea about how service management basically works. I hardly had any idea about what it was but now I feel so enlightened, and I think I’m on the right track. I can’t wait to graduate and work so I can get paid for doing something I like doing.

Okay so basically this is how the birthday card activity went…

First, we were divided into groups and within each group there were different roles that each member should assume. I got to be a designer and what I just had to do was draw and write stuff on the birthday cards. So I drew cakes, balloons, hearts, and designed the cards so it would look cute because that was what our customer initially required – a colorful and shape-y birthday card. I also wrote “Happy Birthday!” a lot on those cards but when I felt pressured by the time I just went with writing “HBD!” instead.  By the time the customer demanded more specific stuff for the cards, it got difficult to perform my task even though it basically was just writing and drawing. It was so pressuring and I had to be more meticulous with the work I was doing. But it all paid off because we got to satisfy his requirements.

To conclude, I have learned a handful of things from this week’s class. I have learned that each role is important and that they are interrelated and interdependent. I have learned that division of work and group effort is necessary in order to achieve the goal.  Without the effort of each member, it would be difficult to satisfy the customer’s needs. The main goal was to please the customer, who is the main reason we do what we do so it is important that we exert a lot of effort in order to please them. With that said, communication is very important.


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