IS-Elec-1B – August 27, 2015

We started off today’s class with a quiz and I’m pretty happy with my grade because I just committed one mistake. Also, I’m sure where I went wrong. It’s on the item where I was asked to answer what the complete course name of IS-ELEC-1B was. I think I wrote down “Service Management w/ MIS”. Gosh was I so wrong! It was supposed to be Fundamentals of Business Process Outsourcing 1. I did not even get a word right! First off, I answered Service Management which is the track I chose, instead of typing BPO. I’m kinda stupid for thinking that my track was also my course name. Secondly, I wrote “w/ MIS”. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me and why I wrote that. That’s for Project Management, which is another class I’m take under ma’am Kit. It got mixed up in my head. 😦

So after the quiz, we tackled Module 2 where we learned more about Service Management. One of the topics is the service life cycle and apparently we have already discussed it during our BPM course. Also, we were taught about what’s in it in service management, what the roles are, and have encountered the RACI model again. The discussion also included the topic of what and when to outsource or offshore.

This week’s class was not all about the quiz and discussion because there were two groups who presented their minor and major projects. The major project group presented their AVP presentation where they interviewed someone from Meralco. I don’t remember what his position was but I think that it was important. He talked about business process outsourcing and the different areas of work he has done. For me, the video presentation was good and educating because they had someone from the industry explain what really happens and it’s good that we get to learn from people like him.


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