IS-Elec-1B – September 24, 2015

Today I woke up earlier than I usually do because my roommates and I have 7am classes so I had to get up earlier than them so I could shower first because if I don’t, I would be late. So since I took a bath before they did, they were the ones who had to rush. Hehehe. #LifeHacks

So there, because I was early, I had enough time to study again before our third quiz. Today was a good day because I finally got a perfect score on it. I’m lucky because I got the bonus question right. It asked if our instructor, Ma’am Kit was allergic to all types of seafood. I answered false because I feel that she eats fish :))

So after the quiz, the reporting group for the minor project presented their BPO trivia. They talked about PLDT buying a Singapore-based company named Paywhere for 5 million dollars. I also found out from their report that Sun and Smart are subsidiaries of PLDT. After them, the class viewed the video presentation of the major project group. In it, they showed BPO Companies but missed the opportunity to interview someone to get a practitioner’s view on BPO.

Lastly, we did a case analysis wherein we had to pick a country then analyze it based on a given criteria. We initially wanted to do a business case on the Philippines but since some group got ahead of us and picked it first, we opted do one for Malaysia instead. We researched the state of their educational system, identified problems, and proposed a solution. It was constrained by time so our work was rushed.


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