IS-Elec-1B – October 1, 2015

Today our quiz was about the supplier’s core capabilities and strategies for sustainability and growth. I got one mistake in that quiz because of a word, AGREEMENT. It was such a shame because I have already typed the correct answer – SERVICE LEVEL ARRANGEMENT- inside the text box, but then I was like “Is this really arrangement? Or is it agreement?” And so I thought about it for like a minute then changed my answer to AGREEMENT. Huhu #regrets.

Moving on, after the quiz the groups were tasked to present their case analysis, the one that we did last week. For our group, we presented the educational system of Malaysia. The reporting itself didn’t take too long but connecting the projector to the laptop did. That’s because none of my groupmates nor I knew how to do it. I thought simply connecting the blue thing to the laptop is all we had to do so it would function but no. There is something else you need to do – fix some settings so it would display on the screen. Huhu #okay.

On another note, October 1st didn’t start quite well between 3-ISC and our professor. We got reprimanded because other people were doing stuff that weren’t in any way related to our BPO class. I don’t think that this is the first time the class have done it, we (yes, including myself) have done things we aren’t supposed to be doing. I, for instance, during the 3rd or maybe 4th meeting of our class have been buzzfeeding while my classmates were reporting. But this day is the last straw for ma’am Kit. She could not take all the irresponsible behaviors anymore so she went on with how she felt and I agree with her. And because of how disappointed (and probably pissed off) she was at us, she wasn’t able to discuss our lesson for this day, which is too bad because our supposed learnings are thrown to waste. I hope we all have learned from this incident and it doesn’t happen ever again.


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