IS-Elec-1B – November 5, 2015 (Early Dismissal Class)

Today I thought I was going to be late because we were supposed to start the class five minutes earlier but that didn’t happen and I think it’s because of the person who is in charge of the labs. He went to work late and we couldn’t enter the room without him. So when he arrived we were able to get inside the class room and start off with the discussion. We actually were supposed to have a quiz about Module 7 this morning but ma’am Kit decided to postpone it so we took it at 10pm later that night. I got a perfect score for the quiz and others were like “How did you do that? There was no correct answer for one item” and I was like “I’m great at guessing”. I got surprised as well when I got it right. So here’s how it went: I got that question last so I had some time to think about the answer. I was thinking that maybe it was a trick question because the answer isn’t in one of the choices. But in the end I just went with answering “project management challenge”, because there was a word “project” in the question. hahaha. So when I hit submit, and viewed my result I got 30 out of 30. Lucky guess.

So anyway, we were dismissed early today because ma’am Kit had a meeting she had to attend to, so we only consumed two hours of the allotted time we have for the class. The first hour and a half, I think, was spent discussing about Chapter 8, which is about the IT sourcing lifecycle and transition phase. We were taught two outsourcing life cycle models and they have four and seven phases each, respectively. The first one was provided by Cullen, Seddon & Willcocks, while the second was from the US General Accounting Office. After that, we learned about the key issues and best practices for managing the transition stage, like the major areas to focus on in transition projects and some risk management issues.

After the discussion, the trivia group reported, which included me. We reported about Accenture acquiring Schlumberger (“slum-bur-ʒay”) Business Consulting (SBC) so they could expand their strategy capabilities in upstream oil and gas. There are five of us in the group but two members weren’t able to report because Olivia was sick and Chelsea got into an accident. Anyway after us, the group for the major project showed us their work. The person they interviewed was in the field of advertising so we learned about his work and how he/his company is being outsourced by companies to provide advertising services.

After that, we were dismissed and had a two-hour break, which we spent for eating, of course.


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