IS-Elec-1B – October 29, 2015 (Make Up Class)

It’s been a while since I last posted something on here so I’m kind of glad I get to update my blog with new happenings.

So after a while of not having BPO classes, this day night we finally got to make up for it. It was scheduled at 7pm, right after our PM make up class. And I got to say that it’s actually nice to not have to wake up at 6am in the morning to attend school. I wish we get night classes next semester. But what is nicer than having night classes? FREE FOOD that’s what! Ma’am Kit gave us burgers. Sadly, I do not eat burgers and if you’d ask me why, I don’t really know what to answer. I just don’t like it. My friends tell me I’m weird because I don’t eat those and that I’m missing half of my life but whatever. It’s unhealthy anyway.

So the first thing we did for the class was to look at our prelim grades and I wish I had performed better. Some grades are still not recorded so I’m wishing I could get a higher grade. Hehe. Also, I wasn’t able to pass my index card so I hope it doesn’t cause too much loss. I didn’t get to bring it during the exam day because I wasn’t able to read the announcement. Huhu.

After that ma’am Kit proceeded to discussing module 7, which was about vendor selection strategy, retained management capabilities, and legal issues.

  • Okay so we have learned about outsourcing, global sourcing, and now we are introduced to multisourcing. So much sourcing! Multisourcing is basically combing IT and Business services from internal and external providers to achieve optimal outcome.
  • After that, we were introduced/reintroduced to the different market options available for clients, bundling services and its two types, the capabilities a client firm should retain, the legal issues that arise in sourcing arrangements and what a contract is for.

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