IS-Elec-1B – November 26, 2015

Today started quite differently compared to how we usually begin our BPO classes because we didn’t have a quiz. I love it because I got to sleep earlier the night before since I didn’t need to study. Also, when we arrived at the lab it was super cold. Good thing I brought my jacket with me or else I would’ve been uncomfortable the entire class. It was freezing.

So anyway, since we didn’t take any quiz, ma’am Kit proceeded to discussing module 9, which mainly talked about governance of outsourcing projects. She used her experience as a technical adviser to discuss poor governance. One factor that contributed to this is inconsistency – the same policies and procedures should be applied to all the thesis projects. Plus, there shouldn’t be any impartiality from panel members. In my opinion, governance of something as important as this should have been done better. So if managing something that can be done face to face is difficult, what more when managing something outsourced where communication is harder due to cultural differences, languages, etc? I bet it’s more complicated.

After module 9, ma’am Kit discussed module 10 which talks about managing globally distributed teams. Just thinking about is stressful what more when you actually do it? Like governing outsourced projects, managing globally distributed teams is difficult because of cultural differences and the difference in language.


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