IS-Elec-1B -My Last Blog Post for BPO

I’m gonna start this post by talking about last Friday where I learned more about innovation through sourcing. One of the things we were taught this module was the 3 practices that work against innovation from long term client-supplier relationships. The first of which is outsourcing one contract at a time. Next is an attitude of managing scope to manage profit, and lastly are silos.  Silos are those departments that don’t want to share knowledge with the rest of the company. An example Ma’am Kit have taught was one country like the US not sharing their knowledge so they can eliminate other countries. They do this so there will be more work for them which means more income.

Apart from that we also were taught of a clients’ mistakes when innovating via sourcing. The first of which is that clients do not know what they want. Second is that they choose the wrong providers, and lastly is that they do not set up effective innovation metrics. Apart from those I remember a discussion about the SLR and SLA. SLR pertains to the requirements while the SLA on the agreement. Ma’am Kit’s example was that of food which is like if you required to have hotdog, rice, and milk for breakfast and you agreed to that with the provider, that’s what he/she would give you. And if you’ve been served with that and asked for an egg, you wouldn’t get one because that isn’t part of the agreement.

So yeah, this will be the last post for my elective class and I’m both happy and sad about it. Happy because it’s the end of all academic requirements. No more of those to finish, no more modules to study etc.  Well, apart from the upcoming exam I’ll be taking tomorrow. *Good luck to me*. I’m sad because it’s goodbye. Not just for this course but for my professor as well. Last Friday was our last meeting with her and even though I’m not as close to her as my other classmates are and it’s the first time I had her for a professor, I’m going to miss her. I’m gonna miss her jokes, hugots, life lessons, and of course the free food hahaha. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for all the knowledge and wisdom she’d imparted to the class and for making me excited about what the future holds for me after graduating IS. She’s one of the few professors I like and have taught things that I could actually use as a professional and as a person. 🙂 Thank you Ma’am Kit!


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